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Serving both residential and commercial clients, Nitro Pest Solutions, LLC offers a variety of pest control services to rid your home or business of pests for good! We specialize in spider control, wasp control, insect control and more. As an expert exterminator, we can eliminate bug infestations and help prevent future ones. We specialize in the following pest control services:

General Pest Control

We are the premier provider of general pest control services, including stinging insects, roaches, bed bugs, centipedes and ants, among others. Whether you need to eliminate an infestation or reduce the risk of future infestations, we use environmentally-safe pest control practices to deal with the most common pests.

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Spider Control

With so many of our customers close to the shores of Lake Erie, spider activity is our most common concern. All of the freshwater ponds, bays, and the lake provide a perfect environment for insects to flourish. It also provides an endless food source for spiders. In the presence of plentiful food, spiders grow and mature to the point that they are capable of mating and laying eggs. A spider’s egg sac can contain hundreds of baby spiders. Over time, you can end up with generation after generation of spiders that are difficult to eliminate. Even before this happens, it may be time to call in a spider control specialist.

*We also have additional programs for the control of subterranean termites and other wood-destroying pests.

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